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Our Values

Family Business Ethics, Expert Service

At Stan’s, excellent customer service is more than the way we work, it’s a commitment to excellence. We know that having all the necessary equipment to run your business expertly is vital to your success and we are here to support you. Our values guide the way we work and the way we support our customers.

Thought Leaders

Technology is more than a business—it’s a passion! Our family has worked in technology for generations and we are committed to providing the best product solutions to all of our customers. We are innovative and attentive to the market and can pass our expert knowledge on to the companies we work with.


While we are happy to help our customers find a quick solution for a printing need, we really excel at cultivating relationships with our clients and providing long-term support. We provide document support and IT management services so we can help our clients work smarter, not harder. Additionally, we’ve been around since 1960 and have learned a lot in that time. We strive to continue to learn and grow every day.

Regional service

Stan’s excels at providing customized service to our customers. That’s because we are a regional business that focuses on working with our clients in the Stateline area to meet their unique needs. We provide friendly and fast support to get our clients on track toward meeting their business goals right away. Exceeding customer expectations remains the focus of our over 30 dedicated employees. Our full-time, certified network technicians provide the fastest response time in the area, providing services ranging from printer/copier repair to wireless Internet connections.


Above all else, Stan’s staff prides themselves on having integrity. We work closely with businesses to understand their needs and find solutions that work for them. Our goals are always to find the best deal for our client no matter what their circumstances. We can help find the right product based on function, budget, print demands and more. We can also match clients with digital services including document management and IT support to ensure that these vital areas of business are covered by an expert.

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