7 Signs Your Document Management Software is Reaching its End of Life

7 Signs Your Document Management Software is Reaching its End of Life


Once your organization deploys a document management solution, it becomes an integral part of your technology infrastructure. This may lead you to ignore the signs that your software solution is reaching its End of Life (Eol). Don’t wait until a software vendor decides that they are no longer updating the product your organization depends on.

Organizing Your Digital Office

Organizing Your Digital Office

You already know how easy it is to go paperless, right? It's more efficient, cheaper, requires less space, and makes employees more productive. What is the best way to go digital, though? Are there programs to help?

Document management is the best answer to your digital office needs. Document management is a system that digitizes - scans, organizes - your materials and coordinates a recurring order. Your whole office will be online without any hassle.

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Today's Security Risk - A Managers Guide to Protecting Against Cyber Threats

cyber security

Office environments are more connected than ever before - across networks and devices, mobile access and cloud storage. This is great for all industries and is more secure and reliable than many hard copy options.

However, it also means that cyber threats are more complicated. Security breaches just in the past year have shown a clear need for businesses to reevaluate cybersecurity and network management operations.

Innovative Office Solutions to Out Source


Every year or two quarters, most executives ask managers to reevaluate efficiency. A business that operates in the same manner while growing and adding to the workforce sometimes gets less efficient, and the return on investment and providing a productive, cost-efficient workforce is something that all managers need to continually be on top of.

How to Reduce Print Costs

cost decrease

Print costs have a tendency to eat up your budget without you knowing it.

You may have a print budget laid out, but pretty soon there are excess supplies, over printing, personal printing, and maintenance issues. Suddenly, your print environment takes a big bite out of your budget.

Improve Productivity

Get ahead of this situation by proactively managing print.

Imaging Solutions 101: In-House Print Production

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Time to quickly evaluate your print environment in your office. Does it make sense? Are you capitalizing on all options? Have you revisited processes to ensure you're doing what is most efficient?

As you look around, think about your print production efforts. Do you outsource all print production, leaving the cost up to the vendor, and basing your projects on their turnaround time and priorities?

This isn't uncommon, but it may not be the most efficient answer. Read on for an idea about getting ahead in production print.

Data Backups for Every Office

data backup

Your data is secure across software platforms and networks. You require passwords for all access. Your digital office is protected, right?

Maybe not. If your data isn't backed up - regularly, with additional storage options - you could potentially lose everything in a disaster, structural issue, hack, or theft.

It's not as rare as you may think - almost 60% of small and medium sized businesses have had an issue that impacted business operations.

4 Shortfalls of Not Switching to a Paperless Office

document management

For any size business, you always need ways to accomplish more without expanding or accruing huge costs.

Small and medium-sized businesses are just as competitive as large corporations and can get a boost from improving efficiency.

Document management has a direct impact on efficiency. That's why if your office isn't digital, you may be missing out big time or, even worse, letting your business get behind.

How Print Management Saves More than Money


Saving money is the most obvious benefit of print management and the reason why so many organizations have invested in the service. In addition, outsourcing print management can improve productivity, increase sustainability, and consolidate spending and budgets.

Print Management Solutions

Print management involves a service that oversees your entire print environment. Instead of having management scattered between employees or departments, it will all be in one place.


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