Document Management Means Office Security


Your small business faces many of the same security issues as other, larger businesses. But do you have the same resources to deal with the problems?

In addition to fixes like network management and print management, document management can save employees time and increase office productivity.

These managed services are also a great security feature. From password protection to more secure cloud storage, your sensitive data is covered with document management.

Print Management for Education: Save Money and Improve Performance


Academic institutions are often ahead of the game on technological advancements, but there are some features in today's workplace that may benefit education but are under the radar.

Educational institutions may not be aware of printing costs that impact their budgets. Printing costs can be inflated by inefficient machines or inaccurate print supply orders or a supply or service process that doesn't make sense.

Print management is a fantastic answer to problems with the academic print environment.

Imaging Solutions and Today's Office - What You Need

printer in use

When you invest in print devices, you are making a big decision for your company, and you want the money and the energy to be focused in the right place.

Imaging solutions are available to address many of your printing needs, but you want to know what options are out there.

From high volume printing to multifunction, there's a machine that will suit your office needs. Let's talk about the details.

What's Available?

Imaging solutions include:

Security and Your Small Business

network management

Small businesses may seem like they aren't at risk for hacking or breaches since they don't have a broad customer base. But this isn't always true - just like when your credit card gets charged $20 over and over, sometimes hackers will pick away at small businesses to get what they want.

Don't fall into this trap. Security is essential, whatever the size of your business.

5 Best Practices for a Digital Office

document management

Your office made the switch to digital - congratulations! While investing in document management and a digital office might initially be an obstacle, it quickly becomes the solution you've been waiting for.

Once you're settled in with your online workspace, it's time to jump into some best practices to streamline your systems and automate processes.

Answer Your Printer Repair Problems with Print Management

print management

Print management is at the forefront of business discussions lately as a service that can save money, help your company go green, and rebalance your office workload.

While it's a favorite topic already, there's another aspect of print management that can save your business time and money - printer repair and maintenance.

Imaging Solutions for Builders

imaging solutions

Paying attention to office equipment may seem like a stretch in a construction business, but having the right machine to produce in-house plans, drafts, drawing, and marketing materials is an enormous boost to your business.

Why? Because while you might be the best at what you do, people won't know that unless you find the right way to tell them and show them what you and your business are capable of.

Understanding Network Management Services

network management

Use of network management is expected to more than double this year compared to 2018. Why the popularity of this off-site service?

Network management can realign a budget that's getting a little off track in the IT world with cost savings in personnel, downtime, and security. If you haven't already started considering investing in the service, now is the time to evaluate the benefits.

3 Top Reasons Healthcare Facilities Need Document Management Services

document management

Your healthcare practice is solid, but how long has it been since you reconsidered processes?

First of all, most clinics and hospitals are continuously improving the patient experience. One of the simplest ways to do this is to reduce paperwork and complicated forms and handouts through document management.

There's an even better reason to consider document management services - cost savings. According to Beckers Hospital Review, administrative costs at hospitals and clinics can account for more than 25% of expenses.

Managers Ask: What are the Risks of Not Having Print Management?

print management

It's time to address a critical question: what are the risks of NOT having print management?

Most managers know that print management can save time and money and make print operations efficient and easy. However, it may be something that you have put off or are not sure will benefit your office.

Here is a quick outline of what your business will miss out on without a reliable print management service.


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