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3 Ways to Apply Document Management Features in Education

December 7, 2020 | Document Management

One of the most important aspects of business management in education is security. It’s essential to protect the information of students, employees, staff, and parents and guardians.

Document management improves traditional operations in education from security to maintaining accurate records.

Document Management in a Nutshell

Document management is a streamlined system of digitizing, organizing, securing, and protecting documents and resources. This is also referred to as “going paperless,” when office resources are converted to a digital format, making them easier to access, organize, and use.

1. Use security features to protect individual education plans

Security is critical to the management of individual education plans (IEP). Confidential documents include goals and objectives, progress reports, correspondence with parents or guardians, and physical and mental health information.

With document management, these plans and all records can be secured while still allowing appropriate access via an online portal.

2. Cut document related expenses

Expenses related to printing, mailing, and authorizing documents can add up quickly, especially considering the volume of paperwork involved in education.

Going digital can reduce these extra expenses while improving security and communication.

3.Coordinate storage policies and organization

Storage policies usually explain how long certain records should be kept, and how to dispose of them when the time is right. Keeping an accurate record of these policies and more importantly, which documents are on specific timelines, is a tremendous feature of document management.

In addition, when you need a document, you can always find it in your new digital office space with keyword searches and clearly outlined organizational systems online.

Simplify Your Processes with Document Management

Now is the time to make a move – get your document management system set up to see the benefits at your academic institution.

The professionals at Stan’s can plan out the most functional system based on your document management needs. Call or email today!

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