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4 Shortfalls of Not Switching to a Paperless Office

December 4, 2020 | Document Management

For any size business, you always need ways to accomplish more without expanding or accruing huge costs.

Small and medium-sized businesses are just as competitive as large corporations and can get a boost from improving efficiency.

Document management has a direct impact on efficiency. That’s why if your office isn’t digital, you may be missing out big time or, even worse, letting your business get behind.

Welcome to the Digital Office via Document Management

Document management creates your digital office space. By scanning documents, organizing them online, and then accessing and sharing digitally, your office is more efficient and productive than ever before.

Don’t fall behind the crowd. Take a look at how your business may suffer without document management and consider making an adjustment to invest in your business.

4 Shortfalls of Hard Copy Office Operations

  • No security – Your documents may be locked in a file cabinet, but are they really safe? Anyone can break into them, steal documents or the cabinet, or they could be ruined. To be 100% safe, secure online storage is key.
  • Storage hogs – There’s no other way to put this. All that paper takes up tons of space that you could use for more functional, usable equipment. Space is expensive – use it wisely.
  • Not accessible – Almost 30% of employees work off-site at some point. Help them be efficient and productive with a digital office so they can get work done from anywhere.
  • Paper trails – Hard copy paper trails are a real thing. People leave confidential papers and files on the train, bus, and meeting room all the time. To eliminate this risk, make your office paperless.

Time to Switch to Digital?

Stan’s can make the switch from hard copy to digital easier than you imagine. Don’t be discouraged by the process – talk to the pros and get started.

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