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5 Best Practices for a Digital Office

December 7, 2020 | Document Management

Your office made the switch to digital – congratulations! While investing in document management and a digital office might initially be an obstacle, it quickly becomes the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Once you’re settled in with your online workspace, it’s time to jump into some best practices to streamline your systems and automate processes.

We’re Going Paperless – Now What?

Below are a few best practices that have worked for the most successful companies after investing in document management. Select a few or implement them all – we know you’ll see improvements either way.

Set priorities

Always a first step, it’s important to identify which aspects of your business need to shift entirely digital and upload all historical documents right away, and which can wait a little longer.

Understand changes

Try to anticipate what will be different – signatures, uploading documents, etc. – so you can communicate that to employees to avoid any surprises.

Get organized

A significant benefit of document management is the incredible organization for all your files, resources, and historical data. Since this is such a great feature, we suggest taking full advantage of it first, so your whole office sees the upside of the new service.

Keep it simple

Simplify processes with document management. Make sure that you’re making things more natural and not harder. This might mean getting some extra training or taking a step back.

Focus on the benefits

While some employees may resist the change or not take it on fully in their department, stay focused on the positives and keep everyone moving toward the ultimate goal of complete digitization. Trust us – it will be much easier once you’re there!

Looking Ahead

Let’s focus on the future – that’s what document management does best. It’s easy to get to the paperless workspace once you dive in, but it might seem like a big shift at first.

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