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Business Continuity: How to Pick up the Pieces After a Disaster

December 7, 2020 | Document Management

Hopefully, your business won’t be impacted by a disaster or other catastrophic event, but it isn’t outside the realm of possibility. Business owners are often surprised by natural disasters or large-scale hacks or theft and aren’t prepared. In case it happens to you, take steps to be ready to rebuild.

Be Prepared

Set Communications Plans

Determining what your emergency communications plan is before disaster strikes is critical. Line out a natural process and inform employees of who will contact them with directions to avoid chaos. As always, communication is key to functionality and continued operations.

Back Up Data and Documents to the Cloud

Document management is a great disaster recovery solution, because your documents will be available online, from anywhere, yet still secure and protected.

Allow your business to operate after a disaster, and to rebuild more quickly with digital storage and cloud-based backup systems. Document management has a fix for any hole in your disaster recovery plan.

Train Employees on Disaster Plans

A critical step that is sometimes forgotten – once you have a plan in place, be sure to communicate it to employees and train employees on what to expect in case of an issue.

When your workforce has confidence in your business and knows that operations will continue despite an incident, employees can be more invested, and they will appreciate the preparedness and flexible options.

Disaster Recovery Plans Save Your Business

Operating without a disaster recovery and back up plan is not an option for any business in today’s world. From data hacks to natural disasters, issues come up quickly; don’t let your business be sidelined.

Let Stan’s help you set up a disaster recovery plan and document management solution that will ensure you won’t lose time or money no matter what strikes. Call or email Stan’s to get started.

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