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Document Management Means Office Security

December 7, 2020 | Document Management

Your small business faces many of the same security issues as other, larger businesses. But do you have the same resources to deal with the problems?

In addition to fixes like network management and print management, document management can save employees time and increase office productivity.

These managed services are also a great security feature. From password protection to more secure cloud storage, your sensitive data is covered with document management.

Document Management Explained

Document management is a system of digitizing, securing, and storing files. Instead of having hard copy documents, your office will operate with electronic records that are securely accessible from any device via cloud storage.

Office Security Essentials

Any business in today’s market faces more security threats than ever before. While it can be stressful, there are ways to combat data hacks, storage leaks, and other risks.

Connect the Dots – Document Managment and Office Security

A digital office – supported by document management – is a reliable, safe way to update your office security.

Electronic files can use password protection, encryption, and invisible features to ensure that only the right employees view documents.

Also, access to the cloud is more secure than leaving papers around the office, metro, or off-site workplace. With cloud access, your systems are protected all the time.

Document management also reduces hard copy storage (a benefit anyway!) which means that files can’t be compromised from storage cabinets or destroyed.

Time to Invest in Security

And luckily, it’s a simple investment. Just get in touch with the team at Stan’s – an office services vendor that knows the ins and outs of security, document management, and office equipment.

Now is the best time to invest in security, before something goes wrong. Don’t wait, talk to Stan’s experts today.

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