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How Your Business Can Save Big with One Management Solution

December 7, 2020 | Document Management

Looking for the next online management solution that can put your business on top of the game? Document management is the best answer for any business owner looking to cut excessive spending and ensure large budget items are going to office expenditures that have a high ROI. Eliminating wasted resources is an excellent place to make simple cuts.

What is Document Management?

Document management radically reduces all the paper waste in your office. The trash filling recycling bins, mailboxes, inboxes, and filing cabinets can all be sorted, organized, and scanned into a simple and efficient online system. When did streamlining your work process not make sense? Document management is the answer to simplifying office workflow and going digital for time and budget savings.

How Will Document Management Save Money?

Informational websites such as Paperless Project have compiled some stats to show how wasteful hard copy printing can be, and how much your business can save by going digital.

How much can you save? You can do the math in just the first line:

  • $1,500 is spent annually on paper documents per filing cabinet
  • $120 billion is spent by US companies every year on print
  • $700 expended per lost report in one office

These costs add up fast. Your business is seeing these same expenditures and wastes.

Need more convincing?

  • The average office employee prints 27 pages of paper a day
  • 45% of those pages are recycled the same day
  • Employees waste an average of 39 work days annually searching for lost documents

How to Get Started

Contact your most dependable network management company, like Stan’s. The professionals at Stan’s can determine if document management is right for your business, how it will help your bottom line, and what simple steps to take to get started today. Saving money starts as soon as you call. Call Stan’s now!

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