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Increase Company Efficiency with Online Document Management

December 7, 2020 | Document Management

Office employees spend a considerable amount of time shuffling paper. Think about how often you waste time moving documents: on your desk, from the printer to files, handing them off to employees. What if you could collect all that time and put it directly into productivity? Document management is the new business tool that completes the same tasks without interrupting workflow by digitizing office papers and files.

Document management involves digitizing, organizing, and storing files. The process makes it easier to find, share, track, and save all documents and streamline offices processes and filing systems.

Your organizational infrastructure can be set up around your priorities and how often you use which files and documents, so it’s easier than ever to find the resources you need.

Wondering how document management can improve company efficiency?

  • Increased Security

Track who can see which documents, secure access, and simplify approval processes with digital security.

  • Fast and Simple Search Functions

Keyword search, organization by topic, date, or author, and other functions make it much easier to locate what you need within a file than using hard copy documents.

  • Quick Collaboration Features

Share projects, track changes, and group edit to improve company collaboration without disrupting operational workflow.

  • Track Workflow and Manage Document Versions

Follow up on changes and manage edits in one document version. You can track, save, and override edits in one digital master copy, making it simple to stay updated as projects move forward.

Digitize Today

Increase office productivity today by going digital. It’s a simple step that will help your company to operate more smoothly on all levels, and will save you and your employees time on all projects. Now is the time to start the process – it’s easier than you think. Just contact the professionals at Stan’s to get going.

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