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Organizing Your Digital Office: 3 Top Tips

December 4, 2020 | Document Management

You already know how easy it is to go paperless, right? It’s more efficient, cheaper, requires less space, and makes employees more productive. What is the best way to go digital, though? Are there programs to help?

Document management is the best answer to your digital office needs. Document management is a system that digitizes – scans, organizes – your materials and coordinates a recurring order. Your whole office will be online without any hassle.

It sounds easy, but how do you keep those benefits working for you? At Stan’s, we’ve found that the most beneficial aspect of document management is office organization. Here’s how to take advantage of that feature.

Online Office Optimization

Once your files are digital, keep them organized. Here’s how:

1. Set up your structure

A structure is key. Make sure that where files go makes sense for how you want to find them. Sub-folders should only go under clear titles. The main thing here is to set it up right – the odds that you’ll take time to fix the system later are low, so make it work for you now, and you’ll be thankful every day.

2. Maintain workflow

Understand how your workflows through your office – to and from whom, and in which files? And operate with that in mind. Digital offices are much easier, efficient, and productive to work in, but you have to keep your workflow smooth. Then, ensure that you keep up your organizational system for filing as well.

3. Train all employees

Training helps! We know this but sometimes ignore it. But it’s true – training is how you show everyone where files are, how to manage and store them, and how to use the system effectively. Get the most from your investment by getting the whole office on board.

Outline Your Digital Office

A digital workspace can be the system that finally makes your office run smoothly. It’s time to set up an organized filing system that works for you. Stan’s can help – get in touch today to let us make document management work for you.

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