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The Benefits of Print Management & Document Management

November 30, 2021 | Document Management

With more and more emphasis on saving time and money, many businesses are looking at ways to improve their workflow and productivity. The benefits of going to a digital process to solve these issues are huge. Two tools that help companies in this area are Print Management and Document Management software.

Print Management & PaperCut

If you are unfamiliar, print management is software designed to manage and optimize print devices, print tasks, and related processes. Print management helps human users coordinate all things print. In our humble opinion here at Stan’s, PaperCut is the top-notch software in print management.

PaperCut allows you to scan to cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Print Management with PaperCut helps your IT Department streamline print deployments. Your team is also able to keep a close eye on budget and waste less with usage tracking. PaperCut also offers 100% secure Chromebook printing over the internet (mobility print). All in all, print management, especially PaperCut, will relieve the stress on your business’s IT Department.

Check out this video for more insight on PaperCut:

Document Management & DocuWare

The time and need to go digital is now. If you are running out of physical storage space for files and documents, need a faster workflow, and/or need easy access to documents with a hybrid workforce, you need Document Management. Document Management is a system of digitizing, securing, and organizing documents. This means instead of cumbersome paper files; your documents will be stored securely and accessible by your computer. It will be easier to share, edit, and locate documents which will increase efficiency and security.

One of the most advanced software’s in this category is DocuWare. DocuWare allows users to store documents in a place that is secure and accessible to the entire company. Office staff will reduce the need to print and paper will be saved. DocuWare gives companies the opportunity to free up space formerly occupied by over-brimming filing cabinets. This document management software is cloud based which means it is fast, secure and reliable. HR and Finance departments will rejoice with DocuWare because it is very helpful in the on-boarding process as well as during an employee shortage. We use DocuWare at Stan’s and it has freed up space and time for our office staff. Our employees also find it easy to use with its intuitive user interface. If you would like a first-hand example of how Stan’s helped one of our customers revolutionize their document workflow, click the link below.


To sum up, Document and Print Management are useful tools to help businesses live long and prosper. In addition, they help companies keep up with the digital age. The major aspects of these programs are the time saving capability and stress relief on IT, HR, and Finance departments. Staff will have more time for the more important projects and these systems help businesses save money and reduce waste.  

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