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5 Important Questions to Find Your Imaging Solutions Answer

November 7, 2020 | Imaging Solutions

If you’re searching for the right product to fix your imaging solutions needs, it may be overwhelming to wade through the information. The idea is to line out your priorities, answer some fundamental questions, and move forward with a well-reputed office equipment dealer.

Essential questions to ask are listed below. Try these to get a better understanding of the company you may partner with for purchasing, and also to clarify the product features you need.

1. Are repairs and service included in the purchase?

If there is a separate contract you need to sign to confirm repair, you want to know that in advance. Determine which repairs and service are included in the warranty and exactly how long it is valid.

2. How do you support supply reorder?

Supplies may have to be reordered through the same company, or through a unique process. Ensure that the supply reorder situation makes sense, is cost-effective, and matches your business practices.

3. Is this the right machine for my company?

This is the essential question. It’s critical to determine which of the available imaging solutions are necessary to ensure that you purchase the exact right piece of equipment for your business needs.

4. What is your customer service policy after purchase?

We all know it’s true–customer service after the purchase is a crucial piece of the puzzle. If something goes wrong, like the machine doesn’t set up, there are network connection issues or other unknown problems, you’ll want a fast and accurate response. Be sure the follow up meets your needs.

5. Will this machine meet my specific expectations?

Line these out ahead of time. What exactly do you expect from a purchasing partner, and from your office equipment? If you are looking for high quality or wide format printing, that is a different discussion than occasional printing or a commonly used multifunction machine. If you know what you expect, it will be easier to ensure you select the right imaging solutions machine.

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Well known, authorized companies like Stan’s have been around for a long time and have a proven track record. It’s never a bad idea to research that history – the best companies will offer reviews, testimonials, or other references if needed. Office equipment is a big purchase – don’t skimp, call Stan’s today.

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