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Multi-Function Copiers

Multi Function Copiers

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The ultimate multi tool

Long gone are the days of a single-use machine being able to cut it in the workplace. Technology has advanced rapidly, and now businesses are able to get all of the functionality they need in one central place. That’s exactly what we look for in an excellent multifunction copier.

Reliability you can trust

At Stan’s, we work with brands we are familiar with and know will help you reach your productivity goals. These machines are multifunctional, reliable, and produce great results. Our team can help match you with the perfect machine to meet all of your needs great and small.

More features in one place

With a multifunction copier, your office will be able to produce all the documents you need quickly and easily. Features of these amazing machines include:

  • High-quality black and white or color printing
  • Eco-friendly settings such as energy or ink saving modes
  • Excellent security functions to protect your documents
  • Print tracking features to allow you to monitor how much copying and printing your business is doing
  • USB ports to allow for easy document sharing
  • Impressive connectivity making it simple to integrate the new machine into your current systems

Easy to use, easy to love

These machines are designed with the customer in mind. That means that even an employee who isn’t comfortable around new technology will be able to pick up on how to create excellent print jobs fast. They also come with intuitive touch screen controls that make it quick to find the options you’re looking for to get the job done right.

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