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Multifunction or Singular Use Copier?

October 7, 2020 | Imaging Solutions

A multifunction printer/copier and a singular use copier each have a place in the modern office world, but which one is right for you? There are a few fundamental differences to consider when buying a new machine or setting up imaging solutions for your new office.

Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers are the answer for most businesses. However, this comes with a few notes.

Multifunction Needs

If your office only prints or makes a few copies, you may not need the other functions available in a more comprehensive device.

For most businesses though, the opposite is true. Scanning, faxing, scan-to-email, and more are all necessary for daily operations.

Volume Requirements

Does your office produce high volume print jobs? If so, a multifunction printer is best for you, without question. But, if you work in an industry that never requires a print run of 200+ a few days a week (or much more), simpler may be better.

Singular Use Copier

Space Available

If you are in a space crunch, having a very small desk-top copier may be best. Remember though, today’s multifunction devices can be very compact, making them easy to fit anywhere.

Copier Demand

If it’s only you that needs the copier at your desk for a few documents a day, you will be well equipped with a solid, singular use copier.

If employees would be in and out using it and waiting for the machine, it makes sense to take the more efficient route and go for the multifunction printer.

Imaging Solutions

Stan’s has many imaging solutions and will work to identify those that are best for you. If a multifunction machine is right for your business, Stan’s can set you up with the device that fits your needs, priorities, and budget.

If you have other needs such as production print, wide format printing, and more, Stan’s can coordinate to match your office workflow with a well-suited machine or office products that will increase efficiency and improve productivity. Call Stan’s to learn more.

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