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Introducing the New Ricoh Pro C5300

The power of productivity

For companies with large printing needs, production printing machines are an excellent investment. They can print quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality! When companies invest in production equipment, they get the volume capacity they need, the convenience of accessibility, and assurance of a reliable machine.

Unbeatable results

While production printers provide impressive results fast, they have more capabilities than just heavy printing duty. Indeed, these machines provide comprehensive support to businesses of all sizes that have large printing jobs to take care of. Production printing machines can:

  • Hold thousands of sheets of paper at a time, eliminating the need for constant reloading
  • Produce high-quality and consistent print products
  • Finish products incredibly fast—Up to 135 pages per minute, even in color
  • Provide excellent high-quality printing
  • Equip offices with an easy-to-use machine that everyone at the business can use effectively

Time is money!

Our production printers can save any business significant amounts of time in printing. This means that machines are also saving companies time and resources by accomplishing jobs quickly and in-house. No matter the size of print job, companies can create and duplicate reports, curriculum, and other print projects with ease.

Individualized solutions

Every company has unique needs. At Stan’s, we understand that and match the clients to the machines. If your business has large printing needs, we are here to figure out which product will be best for you. However, we also know that not all companies need this capacity and are ready to look at all options and solutions to find the best fit for you.

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