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Requirements for a Successful Large Format Scanning Process

May 6, 2021 | Imaging Solutions

Contex has a long and rich history of developing state-of-the- art technology for the large format scanning industry, primarily because its scanning solutions are based on what its customers have asked for, not what engineers in a back room decide they can build.

To deliver the best scans in the world, at the fastest speeds, with the highest image quality, certain elements must fit like a glove and work in concert. The following pages address four requirements that are crucial to scanning success. These requirements also explain why Contex is regarded as the world leader in large format scanning.

HARDWARE DESIGN – Why it matters

Contex engineers don’t like to cut corners, and many design decisions are made to improve customers’ overall ownership experience. Some of the notable yet subtle design features make a big difference with scanning success. The top five features are as follows:

 •            An ample table surface eases the handling of large documents.

•             Large-capacity input buffers allow operators to scan one document after

the next without ever experiencing a delay or lag time.

•             The highest-quality camera lenses and scanning technology make it possible to capture every detail in perfect color.

•             Guide plate options let operators scan any type of document: thick, thin, rigid, or pliable.

•             A simple and intuitive interface allows even the newest of operators to feel confident when they walk up to the scanner.

These are only a few of the design features built into a Contex scanner that may go unnoticed at first glance. But after spending a little time with a Contex scanner, these subtleties will make a huge difference between a good and a bad scanning experience.

SOFTWARE OPTIONS – Why it matters

Good scanning software is paramount! It can create a workflow that makes the scanner faster and easier to use, and, most importantly, it can provide an image that more often is better than the original.

Contex’s Nextimage software is loaded with features that make the scanner shine. The interface makes the most-used features easy to get to and easily customizable so each operator can have their own configuration.

Nextimage includes a range of powerful tools to optimize results for every use. If productivity is a priority, ‘batch scanning’ makes it easy to insert one document after the next and focus on paper handling.

Nextimage will also automatically name, rotate, adjust image quality, remove background noise, etc. from the images. The operator simply inserts one document after the next. No need to touch the PC or even a touch screen.

If printing scanned images is required, Nextimage is the best in its class at producing copies. Nextimage supports the greatest number of large format printers in the industry, and it comes with a very advanced color calibration wizard. The wizard allows operators to print a color target, scan it, and come up with a perfect color match between the printer and the scanner. No color experience is necessary to produce perfect color results.

Scanning is not only about producing perfect images but doing so in the simplest manner possible. Nextimage has matured into a solid platform, founded upon decades of customer feedback, which has allowed Contex to grow it into a one-of-a-kind scanning application.


Contex scanning solutions offer several unique features to improve productivity and efficiency. When a document exits the scanner, it is immediately ready for another one. There is no fumbling with the mouse or touch screen and no need to wait for the scanner to process the image. In batch mode, all of your attention can be focused on preparing and inserting the next document.

Moreover, productivity and flexibility go hand in hand. The highest mechanical speed does not always equal the highest productivity. To be productive, the scanner must be flexible and conform to any specialized workflow.

Contex scanning solutions create an environment that is both flexible and easily tailored to individual needs within a scanning team. Shifting from one style of workflow to another is as simple as selecting a personalized software preset – this is what truly sets Contex aside from competitors.

IMAGE QUALITY – Why it matters

Image quality is a result of designing and combining the right hardware and software technologies to ensure that maximum image quality is delivered from the scanner. Contex develops both CCD and CIS technologies with this goal in mind.

Contex’s CCD scanners use high-end optic lenses that capture extremely accurate detail in high resolution and with deep focal length. This provides flexibility to scan a diverse array of document types.

•             Rigid documents that may not lay flat against the glass plate are no problem. CCD technology keeps everything in focus and captures full color depth.

•             Black and white maps, GIS documents, color photos are all captured with equal precision.

•             Color, grey, or monochrome are captured using the best CCDs and the best image processing available in the business.

Contex’s CIS scanners use high-end contact image sensors that capture accurate detail in high resolution and 48-bit color. This provides the ability to scan both monochrome and color documents precisely and inexpensively. When choosing a CIS scanner, it is important to make sure that this technology is going to meet your needs.

Highest quality can be obtained when scanning documents that are not rigid, heavily folded, or wrinkled, and will lay flat against the glass plate preventing color or focus loss, capturing all the details of the document. However, dual LED sensors provide additional lighting from two angles to assist scanning folded or wrinkled documents.

Color, grey, or monochrome is perfectly captured in scanners using CIS technology. However, the lighting is typically brighter in a CIS module, so it’s important to have an application such as Nextimage to manage this additional contrast.

Setting the Standard

Regardless of the scanning technology, image quality is not an area to cut corners.

While there are many options available out there, there is only one industry standard of excellence. Contex has strived to set this standard for many years, and it truly is the benchmark that others follow. Contex pushes the boundaries for not only producing great-looking scans and copies, but doing so in a cost- effective, simple, and intuitive manner.

Contex scanners are developed through real-life experience where efficiency, ease of use, and quality is of utmost importance. The scanners are built to last and supported by the largest distribution network in the world.

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