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The Dos and Don’ts of Purchasing New Office Technology

August 12, 2022 | Imaging Solutions

Factors to consider when buying new office technology:

  • Service
  • Lease
  • Equipment Buy-Out
  • Insurance

With everyone keeping a tighter grasp on budgets, analytics regarding office equipment have become essential in aiding final decision makers. Comparing and contrasting various brands and models is now common practice to see where money can be saved, all while choosing a product that best fits a company’s needs. Financing and leasing are also a big piece of the puzzle. Buying new office technology can be daunting.  At Stan’s, we pride ourselves on an honest and transparent approach when helping you make a choice on new equipment. Throughout our 60 plus years in the industry, we have seen it all. Here are some factors to consider.

Service & General Information

Know what kind of service contract you have or are about to sign. Is it an annual contract or a cost per page agreement?  Always double-check your overage rates and for yearly price increases with an annual contract. Your cost per page may look amazingly low. In many cases, extremely low regular cost per page means outrageous overage rates.  You also want to double-check your monthly payments. An abnormally high monthly payment is a red flag.

Do your average monthly volumes match the volumes quoted to you? Sometimes a quote will have a much higher monthly volume in an attempt to charge more. It’s a good idea to keep track of your monthly volumes yourself so when it’s time to upgrade or make a new purchase, you know which direction your company is trending. This ensures that you are buying the right machine for your needs and volume.

Make sure you are getting the right machine to fit your needs. Be certain extra options you may need are included in the quote and price of new equipment. These options could be a finisher, hole punch, extra drawers, fax, and any extra software you need for your business processes.  

Don’t get taken advantage of when it comes to service. Ask if the vendor is certified to SELL AND SERVICE the new equipment. Ask if the vendor has customers similar to you and your business and if you can contact them. It is also a good idea to ask a potential vendor about service response times, how you will receive supplies, and protocols for placing service and supply orders.

If a vendor is selling a new machine for a very low price, ask yourself why and look into the fine details of the contract. Cheaper rarely equals better. In many situations, a low-price solution causes more headaches, wastes time, and ties up resources, which ends up costing you more in the long run.

Lease Agreements   

When you wish to cancel a current lease, make sure you send a letter of intent to the leasing company. Beware of service baked into lease payments. This is a gateway to hidden rates, terms, and charges. If your lease payment appears to increase overtime, this is a sign that service is baked into the lease rate/agreement.

Equipment Buy-Out

Talk to your current account executive to get machine buy-out information. If you want to keep your older machine, you may have the option to buy it from the leasing company/vendor. If you are considering switching vendors, make sure to give your new potential partner your machine buy-out information as well.

Insurance for New Technology

When leasing a new machine, get in contact with your insurance provider. Have them send a certificate of insurance for the device to the leasing company. Otherwise, the leasing company may charge an extra amount per bill for coverage of the new device.

These four factors will help you in your buying journey. Keeping service, leasing, buy-out options, and insurance in mind will ensure that you make the best decision when purchasing new office technology. Go forth and print!

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