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Introducing the New Canon TZ 30000

High quality and high control

Wide format printers give businesses the ability to produce visually stunning work with the press of a button. Many companies outsource wide format printing projects to ensure they get the quality they need, but when you bring these projects in-house with a wide format printer, you can retain the same great quality and increase your level of control.

What’s so great about wide format?

There are many features of wide format printers that make them impressive. First and foremost, they are incredibly high-definition, producing crystal clear printing with efficiency. There are many instances where a company may need this excellent quality and attention to detail. Some projects wide format printers are frequently used for include:

  • Blueprints or maps
  • Presentation materials including charts and graphs
  • Marketing materials such as flyers and posters
  • High-quality photograph printing

Above and beyond

Wide format printers do more than just print high-quality images. They are also great for day-to-day office needs as well. These printing machines are an excellent addition to any office with the ability to tackle jobs of all sizes. While printing beautiful products is their flashiest quality, they are also great for standard print jobs, copying, and scanning. Having one source for all of your printing and scanning needs makes things simple, convenient, and saves businesses money in the long run.

Investing in your business

Wide format printers are an excellent investment for many businesses that are serious about their printing needs. They have excellent quality production and best of all, the ink dries instantly so projects are ready to use and display the moment it’s completed. These printers also use state of the art technology to ensure that your print projects are consistent and look sharp from one copy to the next.

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