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Data Backups for Every Office

January 4, 2020 | Network Management

Your data is secure across software platforms and networks. You require passwords for all access. Your digital office is protected, right?

Maybe not. If your data isn’t backed up – regularly, with additional storage options – you could potentially lose everything in a disaster, structural issue, hack, or theft.

It’s not as rare as you may think – almost 60% of small and medium sized businesses have had an issue that impacted business operations.

Back up your business right! Take a few minutes to read the info below, since it could protect not only your job but your entire organization.

Network Management and Data

Network management can connect all of your devices and information to provide service for a variety of issues – from software updates to risk prevention.

In addition, your network management team can work with you to establish a data backup solution and process that works for you and stays ahead of any issues. Data backup is one thing you can’t do after the fact.

Secure Your Backups

After your data is covered in case of a major incident, ensure that it’s safe. Work with your network management team to protect data, provide additional safe access points, and store everything in a secure cloud storage. That way, you know you’re information is safe.

Talk to Stan’s for Secure Storage Solutions

Don’t overlook something you can’t see – data storage and security, in addition to reliable, safe backups, can make or break your organization. Put in some extra minutes now to save your business later – talk to Stan’s.

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