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8 Multi-Function Printer Tips to Keep Your Machine in Tip-Top Shape

July 28, 2021 | Imaging Solutions

New vs. Old Paper
If you have an MFP that hasn’t been getting much use, check to make sure that there isn’t dust settling on top of the paper. As a result, the machine may jam. Another thing you can do to reduce the likelihood of a paper jam is fan the paper in the drawer to make sure that the pages aren’t sticking to each other. If the paper is really old just replace it with a new ream. Make sure to discard the top or bottom sheet of the new ream because the sheet next to the seal of the packaging, can have tape or glue residue, which will cause problems in your machine.

Don’t Overload the Paper Trays
Most machines have a fill level in each paper tray. Be sure NOT to load paper above the fill level.

Keep the Machine and the Area Around the Machine Clean
Keeping the machine and the area around the machine clean will help reduce maintenance issues.

Test Prints
If your machine has been sitting idle overnight or in energy saver mode for quite a while, it’s not a bad idea to send it a test page. Sometimes it takes the machine a few minutes to warm up out of this mode.

Have Patience and Be Gentle
Sometimes it is hard but, have patience and be gentle with your machine. Remember, copiers and printers have feelings too.

Not All Toners Are Equal
Beware of toner scammers and 3rd party toners. Make sure the toner you are ordering is through a verified source and is the right toner for your machine. Nothing will create a bigger mess for your office and your service technician than the wrong or bad toner. IT MAY EXPLODE.

Make Sure You Have the Right Machine for Your Workflow
It is important to make sure that the machine you have is designed for the type of processes and volume your office requires. Always check these points with your sales representative when purchasing or leasing new equipment. Nothing is worse than selecting a machine that can’t handle your office workflow. If the machine is pushed to its limits, it has a higher probability of breaking down and malfunctioning.

When in Doubt, Call for Service
If there is a paper jam you can’t seem to clear or can’t see just call for service. You don’t want to make the problem worse or possibly damage part of the machine by digging around. Call the pros, they’ll know what to do.

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