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Wide Format & The Benefit to Your Business

August 4, 2021 | Imaging Solutions

Here at Stan’s, we have the products to help your business thrive. Learn about the benefits a Wide Format machine can bring to your business.

Many companies outsource wide format printing projects to ensure they get the quality they need, but when you bring these projects in-house with a wide format printer, you can retain the same great quality and increase your level of control.

There are many features of wide format printers that make them impressive. First and foremost, they produce efficient, incredibly high-definition, crystal clear printing. There are many instances where a company may need this excellent quality and attention to detail. For example, projects wide format printers are frequently used for include:

  • Blueprints or maps
  • Presentation materials for instance, charts and graphs
  • Marketing materials such as flyers and posters
  • High-quality photograph printing

What Canon Has to Offer

Canon continues to innovate and build on its award-winning technology, year after year. Therefore, these advances have allowed Canon to design solutions to help improve productivity, maximize use, and enhance security features in a seamless system that can put you at the forefront of the large format printing industry. Built for today’s culture, Canon now offers multifaceted advanced solutions for the high production, technical document inkjet printer market.

The New and Improved TX Series

Canon delivers the imagePROGRAF TX series of Large-format printers. These printers are the new solution to consequently help you capitalize on the emerging market trends and help lead your organization on the path to success. All of the core technologies of the imagePROGRAF TX series printers are new. To clarify, this includes the ink system, the print head, and the mechanical platform. These printers satisfy the needs of the high-volume CAD and low-volume LED plotter markets with print quality, usability, security, and print speeds up to 147 D-sized prints per hour.

Here are some benefits of the new TX series. For instance, the TX series automatically feeds paper and detects media type and width. It boasts a brand new, lightweight and compact scanner. The effect of this new scanner is fast printing at up to 3.2 pages per minute. A wide variety of standard software is available with the TX series. As a result, this software aids in streamlining and optimizing workflows in large-format printing environments. Likewise, one of the available pieces of software is SmartWorks MFP. Further, you obtain easy access to scanning, copying, and printer management through the intuitive SmartWorks MFP User Interface. Most importantly, the Canon TX series provides enhanced productivity in a wide range of large format printing, from vivid posters to high-precision drawings.

You, Stan’s, & Canon-The New Dream Team

In Conclusion, wide format machines give businesses the ability to produce visually stunning work with the press of a button. Canon is leading the way in the industry with their attention to detail and technological advances. Here at Stan’s, we have over 10 years of experience in the Wide Format Industry and have worked closely with Canon throughout those years. Together you and Stan’s can create a business solution tailored to your needs with one of the fantastic products Canon has to offer. If you would like to learn more about wide format, please contact us.

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