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At Stan’s, we understand that your business is different than your neighbors. That’s why we make sure we can offer a variety of tools and equipment to help your unique business meet its needs. With solutions for software, services, and hardware, we can help you develop a plan to get your business technology running at maximum productivity.

Communicate Clearly

When businesses need to communicate with clients, they need options that are reliable and simple. We can help equip your office with all the tools you need to make your communication smooth. From projectors and video conferencing to interactive whiteboards, we have the newest products and features available for you. We also have unified communication system apps that allow users to participate in meetings remotely so you can conduct conference calls with clients around the world.


Our projectors let you display your message with excellent clarity. We also have portable projectors so you can share your message on the go!

Video Conferencing

Some businesses need to communicate with clients and employees from all over the country or the world. With these new video conferencing tools, you’ll be able to interact with your people with clear sound and video.

Interactive Whiteboards

Not only do these tools present information in high-definition quality, but they also allow users to edit and share documents in real time. Talk about productivity! You can also use them as large touchscreen devices so presentations are viewable and changeable with a touch of your finger.

More than Just a Fax Machine

Faxing documents can be an important part of a business’s workflow. We can provide excellent fax machines to meet those needs. But, we can also go above and beyond that by recommending some of our multifunction equipment that flawlessly integrates scanning, printing, copying, and faxing all into one machine.

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Explore an array of other useful office technology to keep productivity levels up and frustration levels down. Check out our other great products and services here:

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