Print Management

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Perfectly in Control

Tracking printing expenses can be tricky business, but the experienced staff at Stan’s can help you gain control over printing costs like never before. We offer a multitude of excellent machines to equip you with everything you need to accomplish print projects and then will take the next step to help you manage your supply and service needs afterward.

Rules-Based Printing

Are your employees accountable for what they are printing? How can you get a sense for how much excess or personal printing is going on? Stan’s has worked with many companies to help eliminate unnecessary printing and save money on supplies and energy.

This is accomplished by tracking who is printing and what they are printing. There are also easy controls and access over who can use the print services. By letting your staff know that they are accountable for their own printing decisions, excess printing will go down right away.

Data is the most powerful decision making aid and our systems can help employers gather the information they need. You can use the products to track how individual printers are being used, set quotas, and examine how much of your resources are being used.

Examining the Print Systems

At Stan’s we like to take a look at the big picture. We will consider a comprehensive strategy to ensure that you have the right machines, the right networks, and the right strategic plan. From browsing catalogues to purchasing and installing, Stan’s will be there every step of the way.

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