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3 Ways to Cut Excessive Print Spending

September 7, 2020 | Print Management

Printing is always a significant use of resources, but it is often essential for business operations.

Some printing, like marketing materials and information for meetings, can help train employees and get the word out about your company.

However, some printing is wasteful and expensive. Here’s a breakdown of a few ways to save on production – and the comprehensive solution that covers them all.

Cut Print Spending

1. Reduce Supply Spending

Printing can be necessary and helpful for projects or handouts but doesn’t always make sense when you consider the cost of print supplies. Cutting back on extra supplies, or the wrong purchases can save money.

2. Centralize Office Printing

When employees each have a desktop device, it makes it easier to print one page at a time, when it’s not necessary. Are people still printing out emails in your office? Time to centralize printing.

Truthfully, the trip to and from the printer and the break in the workflow will cut down on most unnecessary printing.

3. Audit Printing

To know which departments print too much, or which employees are possibly printing personal projects, include a print audit in your print management services.

Audits don’t throw people under the bus; they pinpoint where costs are building up to target savings specifically. Sometimes, even a policy update or training can help individuals or departments to change inefficient habits.

Print Management – The One Answer for Everything

Print management is the single answer for your printing woes. From saving money by cutting waste and misuse of resources to centralizing and auditing print projects, print management will cover all the bases when it comes to excessive print spending.

The best, high-quality office technology managers will walk you through options and coordinate a print management solution that is right for your business. At Stan’s, print management is what we do – we’ve been in the market for 60 years, and we have the answers to your printing and print budget concerns.

Choose the best business partner – choose Stan’s. Call or email today to learn about how print management can fix spending issues in your office.

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