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Can You Analyze Print Spending to Reduce Waste?

March 4, 2020 | Print Management

We want to introduce a new idea to you: if your office completes a print audit and investigates print management, would it save you money?

Why is this a consideration? Because the majority of businesses have found that managing print and auditing issues can save a considerable amount of money. It’s common for companies to reduce print spending by 20-30% when they invest in managed print.

How a Print Audit Works

This is the first step of print management. The audit will evaluate who prints what, what printed materials are used for, if printing is necessary, and the number of supplies and energy used.

It may seem a little intense, but that’s the point. To analyze and make appropriate changes, you have first to take a comprehensive inventory.

Print Spending

The print audit will show how much you are spending on printing and where the money is going. Then, you take action. Don’t like the amount or the results? Set a new print strategy in motion with the audit information and a team helping with print management.

Print Waste

Does your office print excessively, forget documents, or print personal items at work? A print audit will show any of these practices.

While you want to allow some flexibility, if employees take advantage of print in a way that is costly to the company, it’s worth addressing. Complete an audit and then devise a plan to address any wasteful print practices.

Print Management Solutions

Is print management the answer to excessive print spending and waste? It definitely could be, and many organizations have made vast business improvements using the service. To find out if it’s right for you, get in touch with the professionals at Stan’s to ask questions and get started.

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