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How to Reduce Print Costs

January 4, 2020 | Print Management

Print costs have a tendency to eat up your budget without you knowing it.

You may have a print budget laid out, but pretty soon there are excess supplies, over printing, personal printing, and maintenance issues. Suddenly, your print environment takes a big bite out of your budget.

Improve Productivity

Get ahead of this situation by proactively managing print.

With print management, supplies are ordered in advance and to the right amount and requirement. Maintenance is easy to deal with and covered by your print management team. You can eliminate wasteful personal printing with your print audit – part of the print management process that outlines who prints the most, what the materials are used for, and which projects are necessary to print.

Print management means your employees can get their time and focus back to work on projects that make your business better instead of just losing time on printing.

Print Management Benefits

There are more benefits to print management than listed above. Here are some that stand out:

  • Save money on supplies
  • Buy the right supplies for your devices – no waste
  • Evaluate printing processes
  • Understand print budgeting
  • Save time troubleshooting
  • Streamline maintenance requests
  • Improve your print environment

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