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Managers Ask: What are the Risks of Not Having Print Management?

July 7, 2020 | Print Management

It’s time to address a critical question: what are the risks of NOT having print management?

Most managers know that print management can save time and money and make print operations efficient and easy. However, it may be something that you have put off or are not sure will benefit your office.

Here is a quick outline of what your business will miss out on without a reliable print management service.

Print Management Supports Your Business

Print management supports your business not only by improving operations and employee efficiency but also by supporting two critical needs – security and expenses.

Risks and downsides of not investing in print management


The risks of not investing in the service are enormous. According to Konica Minolta, 50% of office employees have found confidential documents on the printer, 34% have read secure correspondence, and 19% of employees have discovered private salary details.


Without print management, it’s too easy to drop money into the black hole of office equipment spending. Think honestly – you’ll do almost anything to fix the printer, get supplies, and keep employees focused, even if it means throwing money at the problem. Be strategic about what you spend by focusing on high-quality service.

Benefits of print management

The benefits are endless, but just a few include:

  • improved sustainability through consolidation
  • cost savings
  • increased employee efficiency
  • save time on ordering supplies and printer repair

Implement Print Mangement Services

The answer to these potential issues is to find a reliable, low-cost office technology partner that offers print management.

Stan’s has been in the business since 1960, offering print management services to businesses in various industries and always searching for the latest solutions and updates.

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