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Today's Security Risk - A Managers Guide to Protecting Against Cyber Threats

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Office environments are more connected than ever before - across networks and devices, mobile access and cloud storage. This is great for all industries and is more secure and reliable than many hard copy options.

However, it also means that cyber threats are more complicated. Security breaches just in the past year have shown a clear need for businesses to reevaluate cybersecurity and network management operations.

Data Backups for Every Office

data backup

Your data is secure across software platforms and networks. You require passwords for all access. Your digital office is protected, right?

Maybe not. If your data isn't backed up - regularly, with additional storage options - you could potentially lose everything in a disaster, structural issue, hack, or theft.

It's not as rare as you may think - almost 60% of small and medium sized businesses have had an issue that impacted business operations.

How to Avoid a Data Breach

data breach

This probably isn't the first time you've thought about office security with a little scare. Are you protected? Could your business recover from a disaster? Are you at risk of a breach or theft?

If you're thinking about it now, it's time to take action. Research the best security and network management services and invest in the security you need, today. Want to learn more? Read on.

Network Management - How Outsourcing IT Can Save Your Office

IT service

Today's workforce relies on technology more than ever before. From communicating and project management to security and operations, technology runs everything.

Some businesses don't have the work capacity to have a large, comprehensive IT team. While it's often necessary to have some troubleshooting personnel on site, outsourcing network management can make a big difference in allowing your IT professionals to be focused and productive and helping your business stay ahead of outages or hacks.

Network Management and the Cloud: A Manager's Guide


Small and medium-sized business managers are realizing that there are simple solutions to one of the largest big-picture business concerns: IT organization.

The best solution is network mangement. This service does more than just coordinate networks and servers. Depending on what you need, network management can be an entire IT department that actually saves your company money. Interested? Read on.

Security and Your Small Business

network management

Small businesses may seem like they aren't at risk for hacking or breaches since they don't have a broad customer base. But this isn't always true - just like when your credit card gets charged $20 over and over, sometimes hackers will pick away at small businesses to get what they want.

Don't fall into this trap. Security is essential, whatever the size of your business.

Understanding Network Management Services

network management

Use of network management is expected to more than double this year compared to 2018. Why the popularity of this off-site service?

Network management can realign a budget that's getting a little off track in the IT world with cost savings in personnel, downtime, and security. If you haven't already started considering investing in the service, now is the time to evaluate the benefits.

Network Management Covers 3 Main Software Concerns

network management

Without network management services, it can be overwhelming to manage the devices, network, connectivity, and other IT problems that arise.

Investing in network management can be a game changer for most businesses. The service allows you to focus more on the function of your business than the logistics of IT.

Let Network Management Help You

Below are three common concerns that arise with technology in business, and how network management can help solve them.

Network Management - Cover All Your Bases

network management

In considering your IT solutions, recognize that there are many ways to manage and protect your digital assets. It's likely that most of your business operations are online - that's why it's critical to have options for recovering data, and starting your business after a disaster or other issue.

In addition, managed IT and other network and document management solutions can keep your business online despite where you are accessing resources. Don't let clients and customers down if something happens at your business - here are some ways to keep the workflow going.

What is Network Management?

network management

Network management can be beneficial to your business in many ways, but what is it? Network management, also known as managed IT, is a variety of services from a professional IT company that streamline, simplify, and secure your network installation, administration, services, infrastructure, and more.

Many businesses offer some managed IT services, but having comprehensive network management can make a tremendous difference in how your systems are supported.


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